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Introversions /2020/ 

In our accelerated world because of technical development the role of virtual connections and activities have grown so much that it has transformed our relation to reality and changed our values. The actual presence, the real experience of everyday phenomena, the ability of introversion seemed to get completely lost.

It was fate that while the series was being created, it became no longer the means of critique only, but gained a currently valid meaning. Due to the corona virus epidemic, a worldwide slowdown has occurred. Lock down has forced us to focus only on our immediate environment and within that on our real selves.


The pieces of the Introversion series are photo papers that capture their own shadow. During the process, I used neither negative films nor objects, I exposed the bent papers directly, and then I developed them in a traditional way, with chemicals. The interesting thing about the series is that each photo works both flattened in a plane and bent in space, but the two states are not visible at the same time.

The implementation of the series was supported by National Cultural Fund of Hungary

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