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Camera Reluxa /2000/ 

When light flows through a tiny hole into a box or a darkened room, the image of the external reality will appear on the opposite side. This physical phenomenon is the basis of how a camera works, whether an analogue or a digital camera, and basically our eyes work on this principle as well.

The Camera Obscura, as I used it, was my own childhood room and the slits in the shutter were all the “eyes” of the camera. Thus, each hole resulted in a separate image. In this way the image of the house on the opposite side of the road got multiplied on the photo paper placed at the window.


The series perfectly illustrates the variety of ways a photo can reproduce an external image. Images taken under the same conditions become completely different, depending on how the slots are located on the shutter and how far you place the paper from the window. Small photos get organized into a single story, one large image.

These works cannot be reproduced, they are unique images as they are created directly on the surface of the photo paper.

Gábor Enikő photography

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